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Service Providers Forum

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Wednesday 20 May 2020, 12:00 - 13:30 CEST

Chairs Matthew Viljoen,
Objectives and target audience

The Service Providers' Forum is a session dedicated to service providers, both within EOSC-hub and externally onboarded.  It will give updates regarding the Hub Portfolio and the onboarding process.  It will also provide a chance to discuss benefits of EOSC for Service Providers and of obtaining feedback newly onboarded Service Providers.


This session will cover a number of topics relevant for Service Providers and will also cover feedback received from Service Providers in the recent survey and as well as provide an opportunity for discussion of relevant topics.

Session agenda:

  • Introduction and aims of the SPF, Matthew Viljoen (Download ppt)
  • Training relevant for Service Providers, Giuseppe La Rocca (Download ppt)
  • Integration Handbook and benefits for Service Providers for integrating with core services, Gergely Sipos (Download ppt)
  • Security activities and policies of EOSC, Dave Kelsey (Download ppt)
  • Feedback from Service Providers surveys and discussion, Matthew Viljoen (Download ppt)
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