Services for the European Open Science Cloud

Project deliverables

WP#sort descending TITLE Publication Date
1 D1.5 - Data Management Plan (approved by EC) 26/02/2019
1 D1.6 Data Management Plan (under EC review) 05/09/2019
1 D1.7 - Report on EOSC-hub Service Management System (Approved by EC) 04/10/2019
2 D2.1 - First EOSC-hub Strategy Plan (Approved by EC) 11/09/2018
2 D2.2 - Final EOSC-hub Strategy plan (approved by EC) 28/06/2019
2 D2.6 First Service roadmap, service portfolio and service catalogue (Approved by EC) 21/09/2018
2 D2.8 - First Data policy recommendations (Approved by EC) 26/02/2019
3 D3.1 - Communication & Stakeholder Engagement Plan (Approved by EC) 26/02/2019
3 D3.2 - Innovation management plan (Approved by EC) 26/02/2019
3 D3.3 Interim report on dissemination and exploitation of project results (Approved by EC) 30/08/2019
4 D4.1 - Operational requirements for the services in the catalogue (Approved by EC) 26/02/2019
4 D4.3 Procedures and policies for the production infrastructure (Approved by EC) 05/09/2019
4 D4.2 - Operational Infrastructure Roadmap (Approved by EC) 26/02/2019
5 D5.1 - Initial maintenance and integration plan for federation and collaboration services (Approved by EC) 31/07/2018
5 D5.3 1st Report on maintenance and integration of federation and collaboration services (under EC review) 04/09/2019
5 D5.2 - First release of federation and collaboration services and tools (under EC review) 26/02/2019
6 D6.2 First report on the maintenance and integration of common services (Approved by EC) 16/07/2019
6 D6.1 - First release of common services software (under EC review) 26/02/2019
7 D7.2 - First report on Thematic Service architecture and software integration (Approved by EC) 26/02/2019
7 D7.1 - First Thematic Service software release (Approved by EC) 26/02/2019