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E.g., 11/15/2019
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This section provides a list of training materials being used during the EOSC-hub training events.

EOSC-hub Services Overview

This set of slides give an introduction of all EOSC-hub services aiming to provide an overview of the services for end users.

Data Management in Research Proposals and beyond

Training content used during the Data Management in Research Proposals workshop, 07/11/2019

Coastal Modeling and Forecasting

Training content used during the MedCoast conference 

Real Use Case Session: the ENES climate analytics service

This training event has been provided during Real Use Case sessions at the EUDAT CDI - PRACE Summer School in Trieste. It was divided into two main blocks: a first part concerning theoretical aspects of the scientific data management life cycle, EOSC, ECAS, ECASLab and the Ophidia framework; and a second more practical part concerning live demos about the main ECASLab features, as well as a series of guided Hands-on exercises about climate data management and analysis through Jupyter Notebooks.

Simpler DAGs with variable substitutions

Training material used during the CODATA-RDA Data School 2019

Handling a DAG that fails

Training material used during the CODATA-RDA Data School 2019