This is a website for an H2020 project which concluded in 2019 and established the core elements of EOSC. The project's results now live further in and

EOSC portal service onboarding - Training for EOSC projects

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Wednesday 20 May 2020, 14:30 - 16:00 CEST

Chairs Owen Appleton and Giuseppe La Rocca, EGI Foundation
  • Introduce what onboarding is
  • Outline the large scale process as of today
  • Show the current steps section by section, explaining the purpose of the sections
  • Briefly mention feedback from the Service Provider Forum and the future plans
Main target audience
  • Resource providers who wish to connect their resources (Services, data sources, research products) to EOSC
  • Presentation (~40 mins, Owen Appleton)
    • Overview of current onboarding meta-process
    • Examine the sections of the current SDT
    • Give an indication of future steps
  • Q&A (30 mins)
Presentations Download ppts here
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Rapporteur report EOSC portal service onboarding - Training for EOSC projects