Services for the European Open Science Cloud


ICOS is a pan-European research infrastructure for quantifying and understanding Europe’s greenhouse gas balance. Its mission is to collect high-quality observational data and to promote its use, e.g. to model greenhouse gas fluxes or to support verification of emission data. ICOS brings together more than 130 measurement stations across the atmosphere, ecosystem and marine domains.


In the context of the EOSC-hub project, the competence centre will integrate the ICOS Carbon Portal and eLTER’s tools and data management system DEIMS with the project infrastructure.

The main goal is to prototype a platform to enable RI data portal users to:

  • Deploy RI data from long-term e-Infrastructure storage with the use of PIDs
  • Stage and couple ICOS RI and eLTER Data with HTC/Cloud computing resources
  • Use container compute service to process ICOS RI and eLTER datasets
  • Orchestrate containers in the EOSC-hub infrastructure based on data location and distribution

To learn more about this community, visit ICOS.

Watch the video introducing ICOS.

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