Services for the European Open Science Cloud


Federating Core Governance and Sustainability

EOSC-hub has produced a Briefing Paper which proposes an open and participatory approach to the definition and provisioning of the EOSC Federating Core based on existing capabilities of e-Infrastructures and research infrastructures at national and European level. We now invite all stakeholders to provide feedback and insight. Deadline for contribution is the 25th of August!


The 4th edition of the EOSC-hub Magazine is out

The 4th issue of the EOSC-hub Magazine is now published and features articles focused on the project's collaborations, initiatives and services.


The EOSC Marketplace has a new service: MetaCentrum Cloud

We are pleased to announce the publishing of a new service on the EOSC Marketplace: MetaCentrum Cloud.


Upcoming EOSC-hub webinars

EOSC-hub will hold two webinars on 23 and 24 July - find out more and register now!


New service on the EOSC Marketplace: 100 Percent IT Trusted Cloud

We are pleased to announce the publishing of a new service on the EOSC Marketplace: 100 Percent IT Trusted Cloud.


Infrastructure Manager is now available through the EOSC Marketplace

IM can deploy complex and customized virtual infrastructures on multiple back-ends including EOSC cloud compute services.


Upcoming EOSC-hub trainings

Have a look at the next EOSC-hub trainings for the following months.


The symbIoTe service is now available on the EOSC Marketplace

The symbIoTe service is now published on the EOSC Marketplace and available for scientists everywhere.


Register now for the EOSC-hub Webinar: Early Adopter Programme

EOSC-hub is organizing a webinar to introduce the project’s Early Adopter Programme and answer questions from those interested in applying.


The MIDAS archive – a treasure of data

MIDAS is a fully-functional archive, with integrated data analysis tools and long-term preservation capabilities. It provides digital services for researchers to share, reuse and manage data.