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New Briefing Paper: Cross-Border Services

EOSC-hub has just published a Briefing Paper focussed on issues in cross-border provision of rivalrous services such as compute and storage in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), and is inviting feedback via a public consultation.  

The paper includes insights and recommendations for the EOSC relating to successful matching of demand for and supply of services for research, and to the funding of cross-border services.  These are based on simulated negotiations between users and suppliers in use cases involving the ELIXIR and ASTRON communities, and the application of “platform design” thinking to the EOSC.

The paper is aimed at EOSC Working Groups and governing bodies, national and European e-Infrastructures and Research Infrastructures, researchers and Research Producing Organisations.

To read about the work, the issues it identified, and the actions proposed to address them, see the report: Provision of Cross-Border Services

The report is the subject of a public consultation until 9 October 2020, supported by a webinar, EOSC Business Model Recommendations on 15 September 2020, 2:00PM CEST.

UPDATE: The survey is now concluded. Access the final report now!

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