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What is the Hub in EOSC-hub?

Tiziana Ferrari explains the vision behind the EOSC-hub project.

The EOSC-hub project was set up to create the Hub - an integration and management system of the future European Open Science Cloud. We see the Hub as an access and delivery channel for the services, software and data provided e-Infrastructures and research communities across Europe. The Hub will be grounded on mature processes, policies and federated tools. 

At the first instance, the Hub will deliver the services and products provided by the EGI Federation, the EUDAT CDI and INDIGO-DataCloud. The catalogue of services and resources of the Hub will grow over time with the contribution of Research Infrastructures and communities from within and outside the project. The Hub is constructed to be open to all service and resource providers meeting a small set of requirements.

A Hub for researchers

The Hub will offer the possibility to discover, compare, order, get access and support, and request additional services and products; all of this will be using own institutional credentials. This will include compute capabilities (e.g. HighThroughput Compute, Cloud), mechanisms to store and access data, tools to manage data. The Hub will also provide access to a broad spectrum of analytic tools (the Thematic Services) covering a wide range of sciences: Humanities, Engineering, Medical and Health Sciences and Natural Sciences. Sponsored access will be offered thanks to EC project funding and in-kind contributions of the participating providers. EOSC-hub through WP2 and WP12 will contribute to the definition and prototyping of an enhanced EOSC business model and procurement framework for its longterm sustainability.

A Hub for research communities

The research communities that are driving the scientific progress in Europe (for example Research Infrastructures and large research collaborations) can become Thematic Service providers and use the Hub to expose their service catalogues to their user communities. This will also give them the opportunity to expand their user base and build a stronger case for their sustainability.

A Hub for the EOSC

The Hub will be the first European online platform to integrate services from major European e-Infrastructures and Research Infrastructures, as well as services from local, regional and national e-Infrastructures. This will be one of the steps that will bring us closer to the vision of a European Open Science Cloud. Specifically, providers will be able to use the Hub as delivery channel that allows to manage the services and products according to policies and standards; promote them to a broader group of target groups through a Marketplace; manage orders and review service level agreements; support users through a shared helpdesk facility.

Tiziana Ferrari is the Project Coordinator of EOSC-hub and Technical Director of the EGI Foundation

Follow Tiziana on Twitter: @tferrariEGI

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