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Two successful webinars

This week EOSC-hub held two successful webinars:

1. An EOSC-hub proposal for the EOSC Service Management System (41 attendees).

This webinar introduced the Service Management System based on the FitSM standard for IT Service Management developed and deployed by EOSC-hub for EOSC, with a particular focus on the Service Portfolio Management as a key and highly strategic process. The structure of the EOSC Service Portfolios was also presented.

Watch the recording.

Download the slides.

2. An EOSC-hub proposal for the EOSC Technical Architecture (52 attendees).

This webinar described the Reference Technical Architecture for EOSC proposed by EOSC-hub during the recent EOSC-hub Technical Workshop. The proposed architecture is based on the concepts of service composability and interoperability. Service categories and relationships between them were also presented, as well as the process to define interoperability guidelines for different technical areas.

Watch the recording.

Download the slides.

Feedback collection for the webinars will start shortly.


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