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SOMBO - the order management system for EOSC Portal - is now in production

SOMBO - the order management system for EOSC Portal - is now in production. SOMBO is a powerful tool to handle orders received by the EOSC Portal and Marketplace.

The tool implements a distributed infrastructure with a central 'catch-all' instance, able to track and manage an order until its fulfillment and the delivery of the requested services, and interfaces to propagate orders towards third-party Order Management Systems where the orders will be managed.

Each provider joining EOSC can decide to leverage on the catch-all instance, benefitting of a dedicated view, or on its own order management system integrating it with the central system through an easy-to-use interface based on the ARGO Messaging Service.

The main features offered by the SOMBO system are:

  • enhancement of the EOSC Marketplace user experience: customers are notified about the status of their orders in the EOSC Portal
  • scalable and hierarchical representation of multiple 'linked' orders. 
  • partial automation of the order management process and integration with the EOSC Portal Marketplace and Configuration Management System.
  • integration with the EOSC AAI. 
  • integration with the ARGO Messaging Service to support multiple delivery channels and external order management systems.

The SOMBO order management system was developed by CNRS/IN2P3 (part of EGI) - under the leadership of Cyril L’Orphelin -  and was delivered by the EOSC-hub project.


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