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Progress on the Thematic Services

Claudio Cacciari gives an update on the results so far

During the first months the Thematic Services’ providers have started to integrate their services with the EOSC-hub research infrastructures.

The following list summarises of the most remarkable results so far:

  • DARIAH AAI and AARC project are exploring options to connect the DARIAH AAI to EGI in order to allow DARIAH users to get access to EGI services.
  • CLARIN VLO (Virtual Language Observatory) beta version has been deployed in preparation for the EOSC-hub production deployment: it offers integrated user satisfaction and a new harvesting mechanism.
  • DODAS has completed the first prototype of the integration with the environment of the astrophysics community of the project AMS (Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer) and it has done scalability test in the perspective of the integration with Onedata, provided by HNSci (Helix Nebula Science Cloud). Besides it has started to plan the integration of HTCondor to support Big Data use cases.
  • ECAS is about to release the version 1.3 of their component for data analysis, Ophidia, together with a graphical interface based on Grafana for the administrator of the service. The integration with the EOSC-hub service B2DROP is ongoing, while integration with IAM has been started. Moreover a new version of the ECASlab environments going to be released.
  • WeNMR Implemented a new GDPR-compliant registration system for all the portals operated in Utrecht. The new system is now in production (accessible from Five of the WeNMR portals (HADDOCK, DISVIS, POWERFIT, SPOTON and CS-Rosetta) are already using it. The EGI Check-in authentication system has been integrated with a development version of the new user registration system. The users registering via the EGI Check-in will be able to generate tokens on WeNMR system, which can then be used for job submission. This mechanism needs however to be implemented on the portal side. Once all WeNMR web portals will support the token identification, WeNMR will made available the EGI Check-iIn integration in production. Finally a prototype of the WestLife Virtual Folder with the support for Onedata storage back-end has been implemented.
  • OPENCoastS has integrated the DIRAC4EGI service for the job submission in his development environment. Then most part of the components have been dockerized and their deployment made automatic with ansible scripts. The boundary conditions of the forecast model have been extended to work at European level for water levels and atmospheric forcings are underway.


Claudio Cacciari leads the EOSC-hub work package 7: Thematic Services.

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