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New services available on the EOSC Marketplace: Galaxy and Figshare

We are pleased to announce the availability of two new services on the EOSC Marketplace: European Galaxy Server and Figshare for Institutions.

The European Galaxy server is an open, web-based platform for data intensive research and provides access to: compute and storage resources without any charge, more than 2000 different, well-documented and constantly maintained scientific tools, training material for omics, cheminformatics, machine learning and much more. The European Galaxy project is a joint effort of multiple countries and hundreds of contributors.

Figshare for Institutions is an off the shelf platform to help organisations publish FAIR datasets. Figshare's repository platform offers the following: custom institutionally-branded Figshare portal, visualisation of over 1200 file formats, supports individual files up to 5TB, citation counts, altmetric scores, views and downloads, all new releases and platform updates as well as full access to documentation and more.

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