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New service published on the EOSC Marketplace: CyVerse UK

We are glad to announce the release of a new service on the EOSC Marketplace: CyVerse UK.

CyVerse UK supports life science research provisioning virtual machines on a per request basis to UK scientists. The virtual machines can be used for dedicated analysis, running web services to serve web pages, data, and analyses to the community, or as a virtual laboratory or development ecosystem to share with collaborators. We can also offer a limited amount of virtual machines for short term training courses.


  1. Up to 100G local storage space on the virtual machine
  2. Access to an HTCondor scheduler and workers for job submission
  3. Possibility to request additional storage, in the form of NFS or Object Data Store
  4. Integration with the CyVerse Data Store for CyVerse UK registered users

More information and how to access the service.

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