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New business pilots joining the EOSC Digital Innovation Hub

We are thrilled to announce that the EOSC Digital Innovation Hub is welcoming two new business pilots: Distributed Compute Protocol (DCP) and BBC R&D

Distributed Compute Protocol (DCP) is a web platform designed by Kings Distributed Systems that aggregates excess computing power from underutilized devices and digital infrastructure - from smartphones to enterprise servers - and makes it available to researchers and innovators on demand. The DCP business pilot is aiming to develop this platform and showcase its applicability and value within the European Open Science Cloud.

The BBC R&D video coding team focuses on multiple aspects of video technology, with the goal of supporting the delivery of high-quality content to all BBC audiences. In addition to performing core fundamental research on video compression standards, the video coding team is researching new ways of performing compression based on machine learning, artificial intelligence and content analytics and will be collaborating with EOSC-hub to make this goal happen.

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