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Just published: EOSC-hub integration report

We have just released the “EOSC-hub integration report” publication.

The report offers a broad overview of the major integration activities successfully completed by EOSC-hub, focused on the EOSC Portal and on the thematic services from European research communities joining EOSC.

Among the major highlights are the following:

  • The project’s significant contribution to the EOSC Portal in collaboration with other EOSC projects (OpenAIRE-Advance, eInfraCentral, etc.)
  • The EOSC-hub core services and service management processes
  • The integration of 30 thematic services from several large research communities: CLARIN, CMS/DODAS, ECAS/ENES, GEOSS, OPENCoastS, WeNMR, EO Pillar, DARIAH, LifeWatch.
  • Achievements of the project’s eight Competence Centres
  • The launch and operation of the EOSC Early Adopter Programme
  • The success of the EOSC Digital Innovation hub

If you’re curious to know more about EOSC-hub achievements, check out the report!

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