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EOSC-hub Service Catalogue launched

We are happy to announce that EOSC-hub’s Service Catalogue was launched this month.

The EOSC-hub Service Catalogue comprises services provided by the EGI Federation & EUDAT, services developed during the INDIGO-DataCloud project and Thematic Services provided by research communities.

This is one of the pillars of the EOSC-hub project which aims to simplify access to a broad portfolio of products, resources and service provided by the major pan-European and international organisations.

At present, there are currently 16 services available with more foreseen to be added in the future.

Under storage and data, the Service Catalogue now includes B2HANDLE, EGI DataHub, B2STAGE, B2SAFE, B2NOTE, EGI Online Storage, B2SHARE and B2FIND. These services range from data annotation services to distribution and storage as well as metadata-based data-discovery.

Computing services under the catalogue include EGI Cloud Compute, EGI High Throughput Compute and EGI Cloud Container providing services ranging from on-demand virtual machines to analysis of large data sets.

The catalogue also covers identity and security services through B2ACCESS and EGI Check-in as well as Thematic Services for structural biology and social sciences such as WeNMR suite for Structural Biology and the Component MetaData Infrastructure.

With its realisation, the catalogue provides an initial set of existing mature services to the future European Open Science Cloud.

Have a look at the EOSC-hub Service Catalogue.