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Digitizing Industry through the European Open Science Cloud

Sy Holsinger writes about the EOSC-hub Digital Innovation Hub

The EOSC-hub Digital Innovation Hub is a mechanism for private companies to collaborate with public sector institutions in order to access technical services, research data, and human capital. There is a network of Digital Innovation Hubs in place across Europe, already supporting sectors such as manufacturing, internet of things, cybersecurity or cognitive computing. The EOSC-hub Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) will add to the network by bringing private companies into the European Open Science Cloud through concrete business cases.

The EOSC-hub DIH will add value in the following areas:

  • Support entrepreneurship by providing access to e-infrastructure services and resources to accelerate market uptake and exploitation of results;
  • Brokerage and innovation, connecting commercial innovators with scientific community and business experts in the e-Infrastructures domain;
  • Improve industry products and services through development activities like piloting, prototyping, performance verification, product testing.

The EOSC-hub DIH builds on individual public e-Infrastructures business engagement programmes and outreach activities in place for several years. The added value brought through a joint effort is in packaging a wider variety of services and expertise into a more coherent offer that would otherwise have to be accessed individually or compiled on their own. Services available to industry include, but are not limited to, access to e-Infrastructure resources; wealth of data produced by the research community; expertise and support; coaching and training; and visibility on a European and international scale, amongst others. There are already six active pilots involving a dozen individual companies already exploiting these services, and through the EOSC-hub DIH, they will develop innovative solutions and bring them to market in different domains such as sport and biomedicine, cybersecurity, and environment. The EOSC-hub DIH is open for more collaborations, so if you are looking for new opportunities to advance your business, we invite you to contact us now to identify how you can become part of the European Open Science Cloud.

Business Pilots

1. CyberHAB

To demonstrate the technical and economic advantages of applying the management of harmful algae blooms, exploiting Data Cloud Services (DCS) to support the key processes required (data processing, modelling, integration of images).

2. Sports Smart Video Analysis

To develop a mobile-friendly, Software as a Service platform, for data-driven video analysis and automatic processing of videos of training sessions. This web-based, cloud-hosted software platform will provide coaches, athletes and, sports professionals with a user-friendly and reliable tool to analyse performance.

3. Bot Mitigation Engine

To create a solution for the business sector to secure online services from botnet attacks such as web scraping, online fraud, digital ad fraud and spam. It will be offered as Software as a Service and will behave as a filter between global networks and a client’s online services independent of where they are running (on premises or in the cloud).

4. ACTION Seaport

An advanced mobile-friendly platform aiming to be accurate, computationally efficient, scalable, reliable, and capable of serving simultaneously multiple Port Authorities, as well as coastguards and other maritime authorities, worldwide in decision support to improve safety, environmental and operational performance.

5. Weather Data Services for the future DRACO Observatory

To develop a cloud super computational pilot framework for the future commercialisation of data from the DRACO observatory. The outcome will be a framework for the analysis, storage and distribution of the state-of-the-art space weather data

6. Furniture Enterprise Analytics - DataFurn

To design and deploy a furniture analytics Platform-as-a-Service that collects, analyses and visualises online content (from social media and blogs to online portals), detects product-related content, extracts relevant topics and features, monitors brand influence and customer interactions, and predicts furniture trends.

Sy Holsinger leads WP9 (Joint Digital Innovation Hub) of EOSC-hub.



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