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Useful tips to ensure a smooth virtual meeting

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Each day of the agenda will have its own Zoom url. Register to the day that you are willing to attend. Please note that all the sessions will be recorded and made available after the event.

  1. Register via the links provided on the agenda and follow the instructions to install your local Zoom client. Then connect to the room, enabling your microphone and webcam (if you wish).
  2. If you run with a laptop or mobile device, connect it to the power supply, do not run on batteries.
  3. Connect your device, whenever possible, to a wired network connection directly. If at home, connect to a wired port of your home router. WiFi is not so good for A/V traffic.
  4. Use headphone or ear jacks, not the loudspeakers of your device to make audio much better for all.
  5. Use, if you have one, an external microphone for conferences, or headphones with internal microphone. If you do not have external microphone, come close to the internal microphone when you speak.
  6. Keep your microphone muted when not speaking.
  7. If you not see the buttons at the bottom of the Zoom window, move the mouse on that window and buttons will appear.
  8. If you experience bad quality in audio, try switching off your video (webcam button at the bottom of your Zoom screen).
  9. To raise your hand, click on "participants" icon at the bottom of your screen, then on the side list click "Raise hand" and wait for the chairman to ask you to speak. You can also "lower your hand" if you raised it and do not want to speak anymore.
  10. Do not hit "share" button unless you want everybody to see your screen or other applications. Do that only if you are asked and need to share something.
  11. If you experience difficulties in using the audio to talk, you can use the chat button to write to the others. Please select "to everyone" if you want to share your comment in public, or select the recipient if you want to send a private comment just to one person.
  12. If you are using a traditional video conference equipment or software (lifesize, polycom, etc) beware that you will not have access to the chat service.
  13. If possible do not sit with a strong light in your back, but with some light in front, so others can see you better.