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National Policy Developments Supporting EOSC Implementation

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Wednesday 20 May 2020, 10:00 - 11:30

Chairs Federica Tanlongo, EOSC-Pillar CEST

At the end of the year we will be in the midst of implementing the Minimum Viable EOSC. Does your country have the necessary national policies in place to ensure the success of the EOSC initiative? Which are your Country’s strengths and areas of improvement and how can you monitor the progresses?

We will try to contribute to answer these questions in the workshop “National Policy Developments Supporting EOSC Implementation” organised by EOSC-Pillar, EOSC-Nordic, NI4OS-Europe and EOSC Synergy.

The workshop will present the findings of a broad landscaping activity that took place in the previous months across all Member States and associated countries and which reveals the status of the Open Science policies landscape across Europe. Furthermore, it will identify and discuss relevant indicators that can help monitor the progresses in each country. Lastly, it will collect recommendations and support actions to ensure the Member States are ready to start and play a leading role in bringing Open Science forward at full speed as soon as the Minimum Viable EOSC is launched.

Country representatives from Ministries in the EOSC Governance Board, delegates from National Initiatives and opinion leaders from diverse user communities will participate in the interactive session and discuss this practical proposal to help making Europe ready for the future EOSC.

Main target audience
  • Representatives from EOSC-related initiatives and projects
  • Members of the EOSC Governance
  • Representatives from national service providers, research infrastructures, scientific communities, repository managers, universities, researchers
Key takeaways
  • National policies today: where we are and how can we move forward
  • What is being done to ensure that national policies are in line with the development of EOSC
  • What are the regional projects and what is their role in policy harmonisation
  • EOSC-readiness indicators: a practical proposal to identify success stories to export and improvement areas


10:00-10:10    Introduction, Federica Tanlongo – EOSC-Pillar

  • Welcome & introduction of key topics
  • Introduction of panel speakers

10:10-10:50    Panel Discussion

Panellists: Ludek Matyska - EOSC Synergy; Biljana Kosanovic – NI4OS-Europe; Volker Beckman – EOSC-Pillar; Troels Rasmussen - EOSC-Nordic; Ignasi Labastida – University of Barcelona and CC Spain

  • EOSC Regional Projects: Their Role and Expected Results
  • Going somewhere starts from knowing where you are: the landscaping effort
  • Role in Policy Harmonisation
  • The State of Our National Policies
  • Are there policies to support scientific data infrastructures for dissemination

10:50-11:30    Why do we need indicators? And what should we monitor?
Open Forum and Wrap Up moderated by Federica Tanlongo – EOSC-Pillar

  • Summary of panel and key points as fuel for Q&A discussions
  • Q&A and comments from the audience
Relevant EOSC WGs
  • Landscape WG