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Issues in Cross-Border Consumption of Resources in EOSC

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Tuesday 19 May 2020, 14:00 - 15:30

Chairs Dale Robertson, JISC
  • to briefly present the work of T2.3 and WP12 of EOSC-hub examining issues in cross-border provision of rivalrous resources
  • to present examples of possible cross-border provision of (depletable/rivalrous) resources and issues
  • to discuss identified and new issues and possible solutions
Main target audience
  • EOSC service providers (e.g. e-Infra providers) - commercial and technical experts
  • EOSC service users (researchers)
  • National funders
  • EC
  • Introduction - Dale Robertson - 10 mins (Download ppt)
  • Short presentations of examples - 10 mins each
    • EOSC-Nordic – Ilja Livenson – “Practical alignment of e-Infrastructure services in a cross-border setup” (Download ppt)
    • EGI – Sy Holsinger – “Pay-for-use in a publicly funded e-Infrastructure – experience and lessons learnt” (Download ppt)
    • EUDAT – Mark van de Sanden – “EUDAT cross-border use cases” (Download ppt)
  • Panel discussion and Q&A (50 mins)
    • Owen Appleton, EGI
    • Rene Belso, DeIC
    • Liina Munari, European Commission
    • Antti Pursula, EUDAT
    • Steve Robertshaw, Across Limits
    • Federica Tanlongo, GARR and EOSC-Pillar
Relevant EOSC-hub KERs
Relevant EOSC WG
  • Sustainability WG
Rapporteur Report Issues in Cross-Border Consumption of Resources in EOSC