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WEBINAR: EOSC Portal orders - The user and provider perspectives

Objectives of the Webinar

  • How can services be made accessible via the EOSC Portal
  • Benfits of onboarding services in the EOSC portal for provider
  • What is expected from the service providers once the service is published
  • How can users choose and request access to services in the EOSC Portal

Target Audience

  • Existing and prospective EOSC service providers
  • Existing and prospective users of EOSC services


  • 5' Welcome
  • 40' Webinar presentation
  • 15' Q&A


The objective of the webinar is to present to service providers how their services can be offered via the EOSC portal. The talk will also highligth the different access options for the user to access services, and how users’ requests are served by the providers. Benefits and the duties an EOSC service provider has after the service is being published in the EOSC portal will be also presented.

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