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WEBINAR: EOSC-hub data sharing policy recommendations & ELIXIR authentication-authorisation infrastructure

Objectives of the Webinar

  • Introduce the data sharing policy recommendations from the EOSC-hub project
  • Introduce the ELIXIR authentication-authorisation infrastructure and how it was aligned with EOSC

Target Audience

  • Existing and prospective EOSC data providers
  • Users and providers of authentication-authorisation services in EOSC


  • 5' Welcome
  • 20' EOSC-hub data sharing policy recommendations
  • 20' ELIXIR AAI overview
  • 15' Q&A


This webinar will cover two topics from the area of providing secure access to online resources in EOSC:

  1. The EOSC-hub project provides data sharing policy recommendations to be adopted by data and service providers within the EOSC-consortium. The first part of the webinar assist service providers, researcher and projects in finding their way in the developing field of data sharing policies, by introducing them to the EOSC-hub Service Provider's Guide to Data Sharing Policies. This Guide consists of four reference cards that provides its users a palette of information centered around the implementation of FAIR data, building technical expertise and supporting wider ethical governance development frameworks.
  2. The EOSC-hub project aligns various authentication-authorisation infrastructures (AAI) to simplify controlled access for users to online services. ELIXIR AAI, specifically designed for life science communities, is one of these AAI systems. ELIXIR AAI assigns each end user a permanent unique identifier (ELIXIR ID), which allows users to use the same credentials (e.g., university username and password or account at social providers) across the European bioinformatics to login to services that belong to ELIXIR or EOSC. The webinar will introduce the ELIXIR AAI and how it was aligned with EOSC. ELIXIR AAI supports the latest standards related to access control to sensitive data such as GA4GH Passport. The ELIXIR ID allows authentication against services associated with ELIXIR research infrastructure and also to other research infrastructures and e-infrastructures, such as EOSC.

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