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EOSC-hub AAI training for communities

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 - 14:30 to 16:00

This training session will provide an overview of enabling the use and management of community identities for accessing resources made available through the EOSC-hub AAI. 

Learning goal: 

The session puts the focus on the Community AAI which streamlines researchers’ access to services, both those provided by their own infrastructure (if they have one) as well as the services provided by infrastructures that are shared with other communities. User authentication to the Community AAI uses primarily institutional credentials from national identity federations in eduGAIN, but, if permitted by the community,  can also use other IdPs. A critical part in the Community AAI is the ‘Community Attribute Services’  component. This functionality allows communities to register and manage their members in accordance with their own policies. Community membership and other roles and rights that are relevant for gaining access to services  are recorded in the Community Attribute Services and exposed to services via a proxy or other forms of provisioning.

Target aufience:
Community manager interested in enabling the members of your community to access services and resources in a secure and user-friendly way through the EOSC-hub AAI


Target group: