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EISCAT_3D Agile Data

EISCAT_3D will be the world’s leading facility for research of the upper atmosphere and the near Earth space or the geospace environment. Construction kicked off in September 2017, with the first stage of the radar system expected to become operational in 2021. The EISCAT_3D facility will be distributed across three sites in Scandinavia, each over a 70m circular area and 10.000 antennas.

The Challenge

The goal of the EISCAT_3D Agile Data Competence Centre is to develop a unified point of user access to data analysis using distributed e-Infrastructure technology. This work will build on the existing EISCAT Portal prototype and enrich it with services and capabilities made available through the EOSC-hub project. This enterprise is going to be driven by a set of technical use cases, which require to integrate already existing EGI and EUDAT e-Infrastructure services and resources.


As an EOSC-hub Competence Centre, the EISCAT_3D Agile Data team will:

  • Enhance the EISCAT portal with new discovery capabilities for EISCAT_3D metadata and custom configurations for new use cases.
  • Build data repositories by developing services for data storage, automation of semantic mapping and deploying a EISCAT_3D data repository with simulated radar data
  • Deploy an integrated AAI (Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure)
  • Optimise HTC and HPC analytics with virtualization / container tools and by adopting data-aware scheduling practices

This work will be complemented by pilots to validate achievements, a comprehensive training programme and analysis of science case studies.

To find out more about this community, visit EISCAT_3D.

Watch the video introducing EISCAT_3D.