This is a website for an H2020 project which concluded in 2019 and established the core elements of EOSC. The project's results now live further in and

EISCAT_3D Agile Data

EOSC-hub Competence Centre

EISCAT_3D will be the world’s leading facility for research of the upper atmosphere and the near Earth space or the geospace environment. Construction kicked off in September 2017, with the first stage of the radar system expected to become operational in 2021. The EISCAT_3D facility will be distributed across three sites in Scandinavia, each over a 70m circular area and 10.000 antennas.


The Competence Centre aims at developing a data portal for users of the future radar system EISCAT_3D.


The DIRAC web portal was adapted for EISCAT by the EISCAT_3D CC of the EGI-Engage project. This development continues in the EOSC-Hub CC. Among the current achievements are the following:

  • integrating the DIRAC web portal with the EGI Check-in service, in order to remove the personal X.509 certificate requirement for user access.
  • arranging IaaS cloud resources at CSC in order to deploy compute intensive data analysis algorithms through the use of the DIRAC work management system.
  • defining a metadata architecture which can store and link multiple levels of metadata descriptions about EISCAT_3D data.

EOSC-hub services

Cloud Compute (at CSC), EGI Workload Manager, EGI HTC, EGI Data Transfer, B2SHARE, EGI Check-in


CSC, EISCAT Scientific Association (EISCAT), IN2P3

To find out more about this community, visit EISCAT_3D.

Watch the video introducing EISCAT_3D.