Services for the European Open Science Cloud


Briefing Paper - Provision of Cross-Border Services

This Briefing Paper examines EOSC use cases involving cross-border consumption of rivalrous resources and analysing the EOSC using an approach to business modelling called Platform Design.


Evaluation of the EOSC-hub community (June 2020)

This publication - available on Zenodo - provides a snapshot about the communities that have been engaged by the EOSC-hub project until the end of June 2020.

(August 2020)


EOSC Federating Core: Community Position Paper v1.1

A post-consultation version of a (working draft) community position paper on the EOSC Federating Core (February 2020)


EOSC-hub integration report

The report offers an overview of the project's major integration activities (June 2020)


EOSC-hub Magazine: Issue 6

The 6th issue of the EOSC-hub Magazine (June 2020).


EOSC-Hub Key Exploitable Results

The EOSC hub project aims to create a hub of service providers to accelerate data-driven research in Europe. Nine Key Exploitable Results (KER) have been produced to support this goal and they are described in this presentation.


EOSC-hub integration handbook for service providers

This handbook -  available on Zenodo - provides assistance for service providers who want to share services via EOSC with the use of EOSC-hub services. (May 2020)


EOSC-hub Competence Centres

A flyer describing EOSC-hub's Competence Centres. (May 2020)


Thematic Services Flyer

A flyer describing EOSC-hub's services provided by a research communities for its users and integrated within the EOSC-hub ecosystem. 


The EOSC Early Adopter Programme

This publication represents a collection of use cases – 13 in total – of the EOSC Early Adopter Programme, as selected by the EOSC-hub project. (May 2020)