This is a website for an H2020 project which concluded in 2019 and established the core elements of EOSC. The project's results now live further in and

Scavenger Hunt & Leaderboard Prizes



The event rewards interaction and encourages attendees to attend sessions, visit booths, download and view content, find scavenger hunt items, and chat with other attendees, exhibitors and speakers. Points are awarded for each interaction and allows attendees to rise up the leaderboard. The most active attendees featured in the leaderboard will then win prizes!

Points are awarded for the following interactions:

  • Every booth visit
  • Every booth banner click
  • Every booth menu click
  • Every booth document view
  • Every booth video view
  • Every session (webinar) attended
  • Every scavenger hunt item
  • Every booth chat click
  • Every lounge chat click
  • Every question sent in a session (webinar)

Points awarded differ for each activity. However, the more active you are, the more chances of winning!


Scavenger hunt

Across the venue, icons will be hidden. Once you find them, click them and receive 5 points towards your position in the leaderboard! Here are the clues:

  • A symbol representing the "F" in FAIR
  • A symbol representing the "A" in FAIR
  • A symbol representing the "I" in FAIR
  • A symbol representing the "R" in FAIR
  • SSHOC symbol
  • EOSC-hub symbol
  • FREYA symbol
  • EOSC Secretariat symbol
  • EOSC symbol

Happy hunting!



Prizes for the most active attendees according to the leaderboard are the following

  1. Kindle eReader
  2. Sennheiser Videconferencing Headphones
  3. Book: Ever Yours - The Essential Letters of Vincent van Gogh
  4. Bamboo Portable Laptop Table
  5. Printed poster from the Rijks Museum (see choices)