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How can I onboard my resource to EOSC?

Time 17 November 2020, 09:30 - 11:00 CET
Chair Owen Appleton (EGI)

Introducing the updated EOSC onboarding process from EOSC Hub, together with EOSC Enhance and OpenAIRE Advance. This session will open with an intriduction to the current state of onboarding to EOSC and the overall strategy and approach taken. Followign this, Carsten Thiel from CESSDA/SSHOC will present experience in moving from a project to a set of services that can be sustaned and Onboarded to EOSC. Owen Appleton from EGI/EOSC-hub will present the high level onboarding process and the new provider and resource profiles. George Papastefanos from UoA/Enhance will present the new provider portal which will be used for onboarding, and finally, Bartosz Wilk from Cyfronet/EOSC-hub will present the upgraded user-faciong Marketplace. Following the session, providers will be better placed to understand and perform onboarding of their resources.


  • Owen Appleton (EOSC-hub)
  • Carsten Thiel (CESSDA)
  • Bartosz Wilk (CYFRONET)
  • George Papastefanatos (University of Athens)