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Engaging the Private Sector: Roadblocks and success stories in the uptake of EOSC services

Time 18 November 2020, 11:30 - 13:00 CET
Chair Sy Holsinger (EGI), Elisa Cauhé (EGI), Marieke Willems (Trust-IT)

This session will aim to discuss engagement strategies to increase uptake of EOSC services in the Private Sector.  EOSC-hub will kickstart this session with a presentation of the success stories and from the use cases of the EOSC Digital Innovation Hub. The audience will then be engaged in a discussion on roadblocks and best practices in fostering collaboration with and uptake by the private sector of EOSC services with EOSC-hub and SSHOC.

SSHOC, now halfway the development of its services, brings the experience from private sector partner and service provider Semantic Web Company to the discussion. 

The session will pull out recommendations for the EOSC in engaging the private sector, based on the lessons learned from the EOSC-DIH and discussion with services providers and users.


  • EOSC-hub/ EOSC DIH - Sy Holsinger (EGI)

  • EOSC-DIH Business Pilots - Marcin Plociennik (PSNC)

  • EUH4D - Daniel Alonso Roman (ITI, EUH4D)

  • Semantic Web Company - Martin Kaltenböck