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EUDAT Services Roadmap


EUDAT Services Roadmap
Let's meet at: 14:00 - 15:30 | 17 April 2018
Chair: Mark van de Sanden (SURFsara & EUDAT CDI)

You can't miss it if you are interested in using the current EUDAT CDI services and in understanding the plans for the future


  • Present an overview of the EUDAT CDI and how CDI B2 services are tight together
  • Give insight of the current status and future roadmap of the EUDAT CDI B2 services


EUDAT offers a comprehensive suite of research data management services to help data managers rise to the challenges of handling ever-increasing volumes of data  in their daily work. Covering both access and deposit, from informal data sharing to long-term archiving, and addressing the identification, discoverability and computability of both long-tail and big data, EUDAT services endeavour to address the full lifecycle of research data. The continuity of EUDAT activities will be guaranteed beyond project lifetime, by the EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure (CDI) Partnership Agreement for delivery of EUDAT services going forward. Further, the evolution and future development of the B2 services will be maintained within the context of a set of initiatives such as the EOSC-hub and SeaDataCloud.

This session will provide an overview of the EUDAT B2 service suite and insight into the future development roadmap, showing how the B2 services offered are already integrated and fit into the EOSC landscape, consolidating the role of the EUDAT services as the building blocks for future research data management.