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EUDAT CDI: Using & Joining


EUDAT CDI: Using & Joining
Let's meet at: 16:00 - 17:30 | 17 April 2018
Chair: Damien Lecarpentier (CDI & Head of the EUDAT CDI Secretariat)

You can't miss it if you are a service provider interested in joining the EUDAT CDI or a research community willing to use the EUDAT CDI services.


  • Discuss the recent organisational development of the EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure
  • Understand the role of the research communities within the EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure


EUDAT Ltd was formally established and registered as a limited liability company under Finnish law on 27 February 2018. The purpose of the new company is to operate on a non-profit making basis as the voice of European organisations working together as part of the EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure in order to provide services related to scientific and research data storage and lifecycle management.

The session will summarise the recent developments of EUDAT in its effort to move from an EC project to a sustainable collaboration between partnering organisations, through the EUDAT CDI Collaboration Agreement. It will inform organisations interested to engage with the CDI about the various opportunities to do so, including how to formally join the CDI.

As the EUDAT CDI is working to establish a Research Board to ensure that the needs of the research communities are correctly captured by EUDAT future developments, the session will be the opportunity to discuss the role of such board and more largely of the research communities within the CDI.