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EOSC Early Adopter Programme in full swing

Fresh from concluding its first call, the EOSC Early Adopter Programme, run by the EOSC-hub project, is gearing up to launch its second call by mid-October 2019. The programme is geared towards research communities interested in exploring the state-of-art technologies and services offered by the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and provides a first taste of what the science cloud will offer in the future. 

The Early Adopter Programme (EAP) aims to enable research communities to scale up their own in-house infrastructure and to access a richer set of resources. Through the EOSC-hub project and the EAP partners, successful early adopters will be provided with expertise and resources to enable active usage of the EOSC and foster a culture of co-operation between researchers and EOSC providers.

What’s on offer

The programme offers a wide range of services (all available through the EOSC Marketplace) for data discovery and reuse, data processing and analysis, data management, curation and preservation, and access, deposition and sharing, federated authentication and authorization. The services and resources in scope for the programme are those currently provided by the EOSC-hub project and the Early Adopter Programme partners, namely OCRE, OpenAIRE and GÉANT.

Next call

Upon launch of the 2nd call, applicants should submit an online form describing their requirements and the scope and scale of services they require. The 2nd call for the EAP is scheduled for mid-October. 

Successful applicants would have demonstrated a well-defined scientific challenge that can be addressed by the use of multiple services from EOSC-hub and its partners. Proposals that can demonstrate scientific excellence and societal impact will have an advantage.

More information about the Early Adopter Programme.

MoU with OCRE makes commercial services available in EAP

During the 2nd round of the Early Adopter Programme, commercial IaaS cloud resources from providers in the GÉANT IaaS framework will be made available through OCRE. This is part of a wider collaboration between the EOSC-hub and OCRE that will be cemented in a Memorandum of Understanding between the two projects.  OCRE aims to accelerate the adoption of digital services in the European research community, by bringing together cloud providers, Earth Observation (EO) organisations and the research and education community, through ready-to-use service agreements and €9.5 million in adoption funding. Resulting services from a tender it will run in 2019 will be included in EOSC.

Learn more about OCRE.