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Bot Mitigation Engine

Solutions to secure online services from botnet attacks

Guardomic is a bot mitigation engine aimed for web services owners who want to protect their websites from bot traffic and their users from fraudulent digital ads or cryptocurrency web mining. A big part of the system is in-depth statistics, allowing clients to be conscious about their traffic.

Recent years show an increasing number of bot attacks in the global network. For example, only in the online advertising business, estimations for waste made by bots were at the level of $7.2 billion in 2016 (source: Association of National Advertisers and White Ops).

The challenge:

  • There is a very fast rising problem of bots in the Internet.
  • Online business suffers from financial losses because of web attacks.
  • All web-based services are exposed to all kinds of attacks originating from bot networks. Preventing against those type of attacks is crucial from business perspective.
  • Lack of tools which can provide clear picture about detected threats and bots on websites.
  • There is a need on the market for a solution to protect against bots attacks.

Guardomic is an innovative solution to prevent on-line services from botnets attacks such as: web scraping, online fraud, digital ad fraud, web application security, spam. It also allows customer to block unwanted traffic (i.e. from specified country, specified ISP, IP range, etc.).

Workplan in EOSC-hub

Guardomic could be offered as SaaS (Software as a Service) or can be installed on-premise as set of virtual appliances. It behaves as a filter between the global network and the client’s on-line services. The solution is highly independent from the hardware infrastructure. It is capable to dynamically change the allocation of the required resources and use them depending on the actual need.

This functionality is very important, once it is facing the botnet attack, it has to rapidly increase the system efficiency to ensure undisturbed access to protected online service.