Services for the European Open Science Cloud


Demo: OPENCoastS

OPENCoastS (On-demand Operational Coastal Circulation Forecast Service) allows the deployment of on-demand circulation forecast systems for user-selected areasforcoastsworldwide,andenablesoperationaloceanforecast provision for user-defined timeframes. The service generates 2D and 3D forecasts of water levels, surface current velocities, temperature and salinity over the spatial region of interest for 48 hour periods, based on numerical simulations of all relevant physical processes using the SCHISM modeling suite.


Demo: ECASLab

ECASLab is a scientific, data analytics environment built on top of ECAS (the ENES Climate Analytics Service), one of the thematic services included in the EOSC-hub service portfolio.

It provides a scientific environment exploiting a server-side approach and integrates both data and analysis tools to support data scientists in their daily research activities.

ECASLab provides two different ways to access its scientific eco-system: JupyterHub and Ophidia client.


Demo: WeNMR Suite for Structural Biology

WeNMR is a Virtual Research Community that aims at bringing together complementary research teams in the structural biology and life science area into a virtual research community at a worldwide level and provide them with a platform integrating and streamlining the computational approaches necessary for data analysis and modelling. Among the WeNMR thematic services operated under EOSC-Hub there is the Haddock portal, a portal that is specialized in modeling complexes of proteins and other biomolecules. Click here to watch the demo.