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BBC joining the EOSC Digital Innovation Hub

The BBC Research & Development presented their EOSC-hub use case during the 2nd EOSC-hub week in Prague, April 2019. Luka Murn, R&D Engineer at BBC R&D, introduced the use case related to his projects, Video Coding and JOLT. The team within BBC R&D which mainly focuses on Video Coding Research also delivers innovative results on multiple aspects of video technology.

The goal of their work is to support the delivery of high-quality content to all BBC audiences. In addition to this work, the team is also looking into various innovative video solutions to ensure that BBC is future-proof in terms of providing new services.

Since their work needs a lot of computing resources, the BBC R&D’s team found support from the Polish Poznan Supercomputing and Network Center (PSNC), to access the needed infrastructure available via EOSC-hub and be part of the EOSC Digital Innovation hub.

Luka said about the collaboration: “The use of large-scale processing resources has the capability to transform how BBC obtains, produces and delivers content in challenging scenarios. A move away from expensive bespoke broadcast specific facilities and hardware to more commoditized scalable-cloud based resources will enable BBC R&D to further scale its research activities and provide innovative media technologies.”

The EOSC DIH is the place to go for SMEs and large businesses to engage with the European Open Science Cloud and get access to technical services and research data.

We are pleased and excited for a fruitful collaboration with the BBC R&D team.

Luka Murn is R&D Engineer at BBC R&D.

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