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WEBINAR: EOSC-hub Technical Architecture

Objectives of the Webinar

  • Present and collect feedback on the EOSC-hub proposal for the EOSC Technical Architecture
  • Present the concept of building blocks as basic element of the EOSC Technical Architecture. Describe how a building block can be specified through a "technical and interoperability specification"
  • The audience will learn how to add new building block to the EOSC Architecture with the experience of their projects/communities

Target Audience

Service providers, Users, members of other EOSC implementation projects including EOSC cluster projects, members of EOSC working groups, European and national e-infrastructures, European and national research infrastructures.


  • 5' Welcome
  • 40' Webinar presentation
  • 15' Q&A


This webinar will describe the EOSC-hub proposal for a Technical Architecture for EOSC. The proposed architecture is based on the concepts of service composability and interoperability and aims to facilitate access to services, lower barriers to address complex digital needs, integrate data and services from multiple suppliers, support FAIR data and enable cross-infrastructure interoperability.

The architecture includes functions, interfaces, APIs and standards as technical concepts, with the final aim of fostering interoperability and, ultimately, service composability. It is
based on the concept of individual building blocks usable in fulfilling functions. Each building block is specified with the definition of a technical and interoperability specification that includes an high-level architecture, suggested EOSC standards and APIs and interoperability guidelines. Example of technical and interoperability specifications will be presented during the webinar.

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