This is a website for an H2020 project which concluded in 2019 and established the core elements of EOSC. The project's results now live further in

Research Communities


EOSC-hub Early Adopter

This project aims to perform modeling studies to explore how future energy systems can evolve and to quantify the tradeoffs and interlinkages between different aspects of the global energy systems in the context of international climate change policy and sustainable development.


EOSC-hub Early Adopter

This use case aims at transitioning the Data Management Platform (DMP) to pre-production and then to full production. The prototype DMP has been deployed within EGI and will now transition to production and registration to the EOSC Marketplace as part of the EOSC-hub project.


EOSC-hub Early Adopter

The use case aims at creating a light pollution community in B2SHARE in order to use resources such as datasets, presentations, source code.