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Sports Smart Video Analysis

Analysing sports performance through a cloud hosted platform

It is fairly common, for top-level athletes both in individual and in team specialties, to record their training sessions in order to review them afterwards, find their weak spots and address the improvement areas with specific training. Continuous improvement in sports also implies having a means to keep track of an athlete's performance over time. As of today, that is chiefly done manually and it is mostly based on the individual athlete's or coach's interpretation of what can be viewed in a video, and on the accuracy by which the observations are recorded for future use.


The amount of data can be huge, since every athlete of every sport or even every single player per team can be shot at every training session (at least at 50 frames per second) and from every frame many patterns can be identified and tracked. Moreover, to optimize the gestures, the athlete performance must be monitored during all the season. The goal is to answer the market needs for powerful and smart tool for video processing to extract KPIs in a data-driven and automated way: that is avoiding to manually inspect the huge number of video that may be required for a complete analysis, as big data are processed by advanced algorithm and methods (such as functional data analysis) automatically, to extract KPIs in standard reports minimizing the user intervention and maximizing the analyses efficacy.


In the context of the EOSC-hub project, Moxoff will develop the following components:

  • Automated video processing workflow to integrate algorithms and different software tools performing all the stages needed to track objects in a 2D or 3D space, starting from a standard full-HD recording of a common consumer camera.
  • Numerical methods for data analysis to be implemented on the e-Infrastructure services in order to get an automatic computation of the indicators evaluating the performance with objective measures.
  • Web application hosted in cloud accessible to the final users via any browser from desktop computers and mobile devices to manage the transfer of information from the final user to the computing system and from the computing system back to the user.