Services for the European Open Science Cloud

Collaboration Partnership between EOSC DIH and OpenAire

EOSC-DIH and OpenAire have started a collaboration aiming to include OpenAire services in the EOSC DIH offerings fostering their joint adoption by SMEs. 

Specifically, the collaboration agreement forsees the following objectives:

  • Identify SMEs interested in a combined offer and setup business pilot

  • Include the following OpenAIRE services into the EOSC DIH offering, fostering their adoption by SMEs:

    • OpenAIRE Research Graph: for access to the whole graph collection, inclusive of 110Mi publications, 10Mi datasets, 180K software, and 7.5Mi other products, interlinked between them and with research projects from 28 funders.

    • OpenAIRE Scholexplorer: for efficient access to resolution of article-dataset links.

  • Promote partnership and new offers

  • Redirect existing and future SME collaborations through the EOSC DIH channel.

​Find the collaboration agreement here.