Services for the European Open Science Cloud

Collaboration Partnership between EOSC DIH and DEEP-Hybrid-DataCloud

EOSC-DIH and DEEP-Hybrid-DataCloud (DEEP) have entered into a collaboration agreement aiming to foster their adoption by SMEs, undertake dissemination of new offerings, and collaborate on business pilots. Specifically, the collaboration agreement forsees the following goals to achieve:

  • To disseminate the following DEEP-Hybrid Data Cloud services throught their inclusion into the EOSC DIH offering, fostering their adoption by SMEs:
    • ML application porting to EOSC technological infrastructure
    • ML implementation best practices
    • AI-enabled services prototyping in EOSC landscape
  • To identify SMEs interested in such an offer and set up a business pilot
  • To disseminate the new offer through EOSC DIH channels
  • To redirect existing and future SME collaborations through the EOSC DIH channel
  • To find providers willing to support the business pilot and DEEP services through the EOSH DIH.

Find the collaboration agreement here.