Services for the European Open Science Cloud

Collaboration Partnership between EOSC DIH and CloudSME

EOSC-DIH and CloudSME have started a collaboration to support each other in undertaking dissemination of their business opportunities and uptaking new business pilots. Some of the possible collaborations are aligned with:

  • Introduce the MiCADO tool as framework that supports automated scalability of a large variety of applications in the EOSC Marketplace.
  • EOSC DIH could support CloudSME in the visibility from an operational point of view (not technical support /integration)
  • CloudSME could provide information about the DIH services to research collaborators, Cloudifacturing and COLA projects and their stakeholders.
  • In general, explore possible collaborations between the parties to promote the visibility of them in both research and commercial markets and to participate in H2020 proposals.
  • EOSC could support cloudME at the uptake of business relevant relations.

Find the collaboration agreement here.